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Google Analytics & Web Conversion

The internet is an ever changing platform and your business needs to adapt to the environment. Over time businesses have focused on simply having a shop face online, this started to develop into having more beautifully designed shop windows, and as the market became increasingly competitive the focus was on driving as much traffic to your website as possible. At this moment in time this is not enough!

It is essential to track every single visit to your site, what visitors did on your site, why they left your site and how they interacted with your site. This information feeds back into your overall internet marketing strategy to allow you to make the changes necessary to improve the number of conversions (enquiries, purchases, downloads etc.).

Google Analytics is our tool of choice. If set-up correctly it will provide all the relevant information necessary to enable ourselves, or you to optimise overall online performance and start to achieve your desired goals. Quite simply, without data, the online marketing process is incomplete as this data feeds back into every aspect of a complete online marketing strategy.

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